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The passion for photography was born in the clippings of time during the trainings of rugby, together to one teammate of mine. Besides clicking photos we made experiments of development and press inside an improvised dark room, in Milan during the fifties. The sporting discipline, together with the sensibility and the perspicacity, have formed my temper, both on the professional and on the human side. My adventure as photographer began in Rome as assistant of Pierluigi Praturlon. Pierluigi's London agency needed an aggressive photographer. Being alone and without knowing one English word, moreover attracted by the perspective of best profits, I decided to accept the job and moved to London. In 1963 I knew Richard Lester the director of "HELP". By a lucky strike I succeeded in photographing the BEATLES, which were - at that time - still unknown! My life in London, among discos, beautiful women, pubs and fashion clothes, seemed me a dream, in comparison to the boring life that I had in Rome, during the making of my first movie, "UN TENTATIVO SENTIMENTALE" by Pasquale Festa Campanile. The second movie was fantastic for the importance both of the director, Vittorio De Sica, and of the actors, the Mastroianni-Loren couple. The title is "IERI, OGGI, DOMANI". The Italian experience, but above all the English one, brings me to attend the international sets among which: "ROMEO E GIULIETTA" by Franco Zeffirelli, with the beautiful Olivia Hussey; "FRATELLANZA" by Martin Ritt, with Kirk Douglas; "CANDY" by Christian Marquand with Marlon Brando. In 1968 I cooperated with the great teacher Federico Fellini on the set of "TRE PASSI NEL DELIRIO", one serial shot together with the directors Vadim and Malie with Alain Delon, Jane Fonda, Peter Fonda and Brigitte Bardot.
In 1972 the meeting with Francis Ford Coppola gave me the opportunity to follow all the three sets of "THE GODFATHER" saga. From then on, up to the end of the eighties, I worked without a break! During that period there were extraordinary experiences with Martin Scorsese, who asks my presence for a long special on the set of the film "TORO SCATENATO", interpreted by the Oscar prize Robert De Niro; the document on the last interpretation of Marlene Dietrich on the set of "GIGOLO'" directed by David Hemmings, while in 1985 I was on the set of the hit "LADY HAWK" of Richard Donner, interpreted by a beautiful and young Michelle Pfeiffer. Two years later, and with great joy, I came back in touch with Fellini to document the set of the movie "L'INTERVISTA", in which the director interpreted himself, interviewed by a japanese troupe including Marcello Mastroianni dressed like Mandrake. Today I am the trusty photographer of Vanzina brothers, with which I make both photos of scene and posters of the movies.


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