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I will try to find the correct words to begin this story of my professional life as photographer of scene. I hope to do that without boring. After a long mess-tin done in the laboratory, spent between developments of films and presses both in black and white and color, of course including the retouching of the photos made by last generation technologies (everything handmade!), at 19 years old age I had my first experiences of set. Being too much young, I was picked on more easily. For example, I remember the experience done on the set of the movie "LA PELLE", directed by Liliana Cavani and produced by the Opera Film company. The photography manager was the great Armando Nannuzzi, unforgettable, both for his professional suggestions, and for his human lift. He gave me the nickname "because - because". As a matter of fact, I was always nearby the camera and when he started to give me confidence, then I begin to make him barrage of questions, one after the other: "Why you use this lens? - Why you arrange the spotlights by this way? " and so on. I think it was just then, at that time, that took me this illness (the cinema), for which - still today - I am not able to find a care. During my professional life I met exceptional people, who enlarged my fund of experience by suggestions that in the time became precious. The beautiful dinners together with my friend Tazio Secchiaroli, seasoned with unbelievable stories, that changed according to what we had in the dish. If there was a beautiful dish of fettuccine with tomato sauce the story became rapid and fast, as the famous Walter Chiari hail of blows. If there was pasta and beans the story turned to longer and full of details, it started from Federico Fellini up to reach Sophia Loren and her children. With Sergio Strizzi the liking was mutual, he often came to see me on the set where I worked, or I went to see him. He invited me to have dinner to his house and his best dish was the pasta. For me Sergio has been the only person that has known how to transmit me the emotion by means of which he developed his job: passion, love, talent, respect. Seeing how he introduced his photos was just enough. In 1982 I knew Massimo Troisi and we became great friends soon. A friendship that lasted up to 1994... We were in Lucera to make the movie "LE VIE DEL SIGNORE SONO FINITE". Me, Massimo Bonetti (the protagonist of the movie) and Massimo Troisi (the director) were a trio of irresistible boys. What stories boys! Jokes were everyday occurrences, they began in the morning on the set and proceeded up to late night! "Ciao Massimo.".