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"La Bottega delle Immagini del Cinema" is a project born from the often voiced need of professionals, who can without doubt be considered special and unique, to be recognized. Professionals who, like many others in the world of film making, work behind camera but who, unlike others, no-one sees and no-one remembers. We are talking about still photographers whose work, although invisible to the public, is precious, almost essential, to the success of a film, as it freezes in a single frame, emotions which the public will remember in time. No-one stops to think that the images by which one recollects a film, whether they are beautiful or not, have actually been taken by still photographers. These span from film posters to photos published in newspapers.
This work deserves to be exhibited! For the first time in Italy, six still photographers united by their passion for cinema and by their profession, have decided to put together the fruits of their labours. The group of photographers go by the name of "La Bottega delle Immagini del Cinema" and their exhibition, "Still Frames", is an agglomeration of unpublished images, shot on the sets of some of the films which have made cinema history, both in Italy and abroad. These six Italian personages have decided to make themselves known and to explain what being a still photographer means, particularly to young people who, although interested in getting to know this profession, do not have the right means to learn the tricks and techniques from the masters of this art.
"La Bottega delle Immagini del Cinema" also aims to elaborate the means, and collect the resources, to become a point of reference for all those who wish to participate in future exhibitions, both in Italy and abroad.
With this objective in mind, "La Bottega delle Immagini del Cinema" has contacted relatives of colleagues who have passed away and asked the collaboration of developing labs, printing labs and public cinema institutions, to collect as many photos as possible.
Objective: the creation of "Still Frames", the first of a long series of unique and spectacular events to be presented in both Italian and international film festivals.