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"Still Frames" is comprised of 70 black and white images, chosen by "La Bottega delle Immagini del Cinema" to create a timeless journey amongst the faces of well known actors and directors. Faces well known to the public but captured by the lens in unpublished poses and expressions, which show them as ironic, spontaneous, distracted, and therefore altogether new. This imaginary tale opens with an original montage of photos by Gianni Caramanico, capturing John Houston's playful expressions while teasing his cat. Further on Emilio Lari offers us a cheerful hug between Eduardo De Filippo and Marcello Mastroianni. Egidio Poggi's lens instead, captures a smiling Gillo Pontecorvo, whilst hard at work.
An unpublished image captured by Gianni Caramanico of a young Pasquale Squitieri dressed in western costume, takes us on to Emilio Lari's photo of an unusual Peter Sellers, he too very young, dressed as a bull fighter and playing the guitar. In the midst of this, Franco Vitale depicts Anna Magnani and Anthony Quinn in a cheerful offset pose. Another Vitale shows us a frozen scream of Katherine Hepburn and a charming close up of Marcello Mastroianni, bearded and with a seductive expression. From here we move to the deserts in Niger where Mimmo Cattarinich reveals the outline of Bernardo Bertolucci, amongst the dunes.
Leaving the desert behind us we travel to Spain where we are met with an extraordinary expression on Pedro Almodovar's face, as he peers out from a tent, and three intriguing close ups of Antonio Banderas, enveloped in a cloud of cigarette smoke, immortalised again by Cattarinich. However our timeless trip is not yet at an end and Romolo Eucalitto's photos carry us to Rome, to the "ocean" of Giuseppe Tornatore where part of his set has been built. We remain in the company of Romolo Eucalitto and travel amongst the memories of two of Gabriele Tornatore's cult films. From here we pass on to other moments caught by Emilio Lari, where Robert De Niro, in the part of a beaten up boxer listens to Martin Scorsese's advice. We then fade to a close up of De Niro, in a photo purposely aged for Sergio Leone's "Once upon a time in America".
Other images captured by Gianni Caramanico, carry us to the splendid Sardinian beaches, allowing us to participate in Christopher Lambert and Diane Lane's romantic stroll. Our attention is then drawn to a portrait by Egidio Poggi of the superb Massimo Troisi, where the strength of his acting and his genius are fully revealed. With the same vigour Cattarinich shows us a sequence which depicts the tricks of a tireless Roberto Benigni.